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Berawa Beach provides an array of thrilling surfing opportunities, including a high-quality beach break and two exceptional reef breaks, all right in front of the upscale Finns Beach Club.

Intermediate surfers tend to flock to Berawa as the wave is steep enough to ride smaller boards yet breaks at a much slower speed than the advanced waves in Canggu.

These spots are usually less crowded compared to the other spots in Canggu. The beach break is called The Peak, and the reef breaks are The Ledge and The Bombie.

The Bombie should not be confused with the similarly named peak in Uluwatu (any wave that breaks soft and further out is an indicator wave and is commonly referred to as a bombie).

The Peak

The Peak offers a dynamic wave that can run for up to about 80 meters. On bigger days, you can expect high-performance walls and the occasional barrel. While on smaller days, you can expect more approachable and mellow peeling waves. The Peak is suitable for beginner surfers on smaller days. The Peak is versatile and breaks on a mid to high tide and in all directions. So there’s something here for all surfers.

The Ledge

The Ledge is a reef break that comes to life on a low tide and a powerful swell. In these conditions, you’ll see fast and barreling right-hand breaking waves. But it’s important to note that this wave is shallower than it appears, so it’s possible for surfers to hit the bottom. If the waves are under head-high, The Ledge is reduced to a closeout, making this spot for experienced surfers only.

The Bombie

The Bombie is a right-hand breaking wave that breaks further out to sea and towards Nelayan Beach. Like The Ledge, The Bombie requires a powerful swell to produce rideable walls. If the waves are too small, the wave peaks up but does not break until it reaches the shore. At mid tide, you can get longer soft waves that break over the reef from a steep take-off. As the wave progresses to the shore, you can expect a more pronounced shore break. The Bombie is a lesser-known spot in Canggu, so you can expect fewer crowds here compared to other surf spots.

Best Wind

The mornings at Canggu area are usually offshore due to the cool wind blowing from Bali’s mountainous interior. From around 10 am to 11 am in the dry season, the trade winds will blow sideshore and degrade the quality of the wavs.

When To Surf Here

The best time to surf is in the dry season, which runs from April to October. The winds are typically light and offshore during the dry season, which helps to improve the wave quality.

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